What’s The Big Deal About Food?
Food As A Drug
Drug Interactions With Food & Your MedZ
I appreciate how Michelle used and showed some basic tools that we can use to help us regulate our diet. Very Informative, Thanks much!
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It’s been a long hard day full of doctors appointments, labs and results. You’re exhausted and off you go to the pharmacy to pick up your prescriptions.

You may be newly diagnosed, starting HIV meds for the first time or you may be a seasoned veteran having been diagnosed for years and been on multiple different regimens.

It doesn't matter which category you fall into it is critically important that you understand how to take your meds, not only how many pills and at what time to take them each day, but also how to take them, such as with food or without.

I often ask my clients one simple question... ... ...

Why do we eat food?

The answers always vary... ... ...
  •  “It tastes good”
  •  “It’s addicting”
  •  “ The food is delicious”
  •  “It’s a social activity”

And so on and so on………………..
The REAL reason we EAT food is for FUEL for our bodies
Our bodies need the nutrients we get from our food...the proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, & minerals to fuel our bodies

These nutrients are used by our bodies to:
  •  Make new cells
  •  Make enzymes
  •  For cell membranes
  •  To transport chemicals
  •  And millions & millions of other biochemical processes so we can be healthy & THRIVE
The food we eat acts like medicine…….

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”
With Food or Without Food…...That Is The Question
  •  Some HIV Medz should be taken with food
  •  Some HIV Medz should be taken without food
  •  Some HIV Medz can be taken with or without food
  •  What about all the other Medz you take….does food matter?
  •  Food can interfere with absorption of some Medz
  •  Food can affect some medical conditions as well
This is all important BECAUSE:
  •  You need to know if your MEDZ need to be taken with or without food to maximize it's effectiveness
  •  The foods you may be eating may be causing your Medz to be ineffective
  •  The foods you may be eating may be interacting with your Medz to cause more side effects
  •  The foods you may be eating may be causing some of your medical conditions to be worse
What It’s All About
  •  Why do we eat?
  •  What’s the purpose of Food?
  •  Learn about which Medz must be taken with food
  •  Learn which Medz must be taken without food
  •  Learn which Medz can be taken with or without food
  •  Learn which foods may be a problem with Medz
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Michelle’s presentation was comprehensive and easy to understand
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